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Dorothy Must Die Novella #5 and #6

The Straw King (Dorothy Must Die, #0.5)The Straw King by Danielle Paige

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is definitely one of the better prequel novellas in the Dorothy Must Die series, especially because I recall feeling super annoyed by the Tin Man in Heart of Tin. I did find the shortening of Scarecrow's name to "Scare" a bit annoying, but much less so.

This novella takes place after the Wizard has placed Scarecrow on the throne of Oz. Scarecrow is far more interested in books than he is in ruling so it's not long before Jinjur and her gang of biker girl warriors show up to overthrow him. Jinjur is an awful leader, choosing violence and mayhem as her way of shaking things up. The real villain of course is the Good Witch of the North. We get to see Glinda starting to put actions in motion and we get to see a little distrust form between Glinda and the Scarecrow.

Only one more novella and one more novel to go! The end is in sight.

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Ruler of Beasts (Dorothy Must Die, #0.6)Ruler of Beasts by Danielle Paige

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I liked the relationship between the Lion and Ozma, but wasn't impressed with this one overall. I think there might be such a thing as too many prequels.

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